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Study Chess With Tal

Mikhail Tal is one of the all-time chess greats. In 1960 he became the youngest champion in world history at the age of 23, sweeping to victory at his first attempt. His extraordinary tactical ability

ISBN10 : 1849941912 , ISBN13 : 9781849941914

Page Number : 300

1001 Deadly Checkmates

For all chess-players, from beginners to world champions, from kids to seniors, delivering checkmate is the greatest thrill the game has to offer. The ability to spot checkmates is a vital skill - and

ISBN10 : 9781906454258 , ISBN13 : 1906454256

Page Number : 303

Fundamental Checkmates

Chess might seem a complex and mysterious game, but the ultimate goal is simple: checkmate. Checkmate can occur in all stages of the game, from snap mates in the opening, through middlegame attacks to

ISBN10 : 9781910093801 , ISBN13 : 1910093807

Page Number : 400

Chess Tactics

Every chess player has an intriguing array of tactics to choose from, and this comprehensive manual describes, analyzes, and teaches the best of them so beginners can understand the possibilities. Thr

ISBN10 : 9780713489347 , ISBN13 : 0713489340

Page Number : 144

Chess Tactics For Champions

Susan Polgar became the first female Grandmaster at age 15—and it wasn't luck that got her there. Her use of tactics, combinations, and strategy during her games gave her the critical advantage she

ISBN10 : 081293671X , ISBN13 : 9780812936711

Page Number : 347


The most complete collection of chess problems ever published, including 5,334 instructional situations, presented by the world's leading chess teacher Chess analyzes more than 5,000 unique instructio

ISBN10 : 160376335X , ISBN13 : 9781603763356

Page Number : 1104