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Archie Love Showdown

Before The Married Life, before Archie asked, "Will You Marry Me?", there was the Love Showdown. Archie decides he is finally going to make up his mind and choose his true love. On hearing this, Betty

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Archie Love Showdown Chapter Seven

This last part of the "Love Showdown" saga finds Archie, Betty and Veronica doing their best to get away from Cheryl and her movie cameras! Just what is Cheryl up to? Is she really shooting a movie? A

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Archie Love Showdown Chapter Five

When Archie vowed to choose between Betty and Veronica once and for all, the world was shocked to learn Archie's choice was his former flame, Cheryl Blossom. This chapter picks up immediately after Ar

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Archie Love Showdown Chapter Six

It’s déjà vu all over again when Betty and Veronica hear about a movie shooting in Riverdale about a love-struck teen named "Arnie" caught in a love triangle between a blonde named "Betsy" and a b

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Archie Love Showdown Chapter Three

The battle of the century continues, and both Betty and Veronica up the ante as they attempt to be the last girl standing for Archie’s affections! The action heats up literally and figuratively as B

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Archie Love Showdown Chapter One

In this opening chapter of the landmark "Love Showdown" storyline, Archie receives a mysterious love letter. When Betty and Veronica catch wind of the mash note, each believes the other one sent it, a

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