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Cutting Tool Technology

It is a well acknowledged fact that virtually all of our modern-day components and assemblies rely to some extent on machining operations in their manufacturing process. Thus, there is clearly a subst

ISBN10 : 184800205X , ISBN13 : 9781848002050

Page Number : 600

Cnc Machining Technology

This is the second volume of three designed to give an insight into the current state of CNC technology with a focus on practical applications. Following a brief historical introduction to cutting too

ISBN10 : 1447120531 , ISBN13 : 9781447120537

Page Number : 190

Industrial Metrology

The subject of this book is surface metrology, in particular two major aspects: surface texture and roundness. It has taken a long time for manufacturing engineers and designers to realise the usefuln

ISBN10 : 1447138147 , ISBN13 : 9781447138143

Page Number : 336