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Divided By Faith

Based on a telephone survey of 2,000 people and 200 interviews, the authors study the grassroots of white evangelical America and learn that evangelicals themselves seem to hang on to the nation's rac

ISBN10 : 9780195147070 , ISBN13 : 0195147073

Page Number : 212

Divided By Faith

Through a nationwide telephone survey of 2,000 people and an additional 200 face-to-face interviews, Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith probed the grassroots of white evangelical America. They fou

ISBN10 : 9780199741199 , ISBN13 : 0199741190

Page Number : 224

Divided By Faith

In recent years, the leaders of the American evangelical movement have brought their characteristic passion to the problem of race, notably in the Promise Keepers movement and in reconciliation theolo

ISBN10 : 0195131401 , ISBN13 : 9780195131406

Page Number : 212

Christian America?

A comprehensive analysis of the Protestant evangelical movement in contemporary America, drawing from a three-year national study, offers insights into the surprisingly diverse goals and values of the

ISBN10 : 0520234707 , ISBN13 : 9780520234703

Page Number : 257

Against All Odds

Religious institutions are among the most segregated organizations in American society. This segregation has long been a troubling issue among scholars and religious leaders alike. Despite attempts to

ISBN10 : 0814722237 , ISBN13 : 9780814722237

Page Number : 197

One New Man

Author Jarvis Williams provides Christians with a biblical worldview of race and race relations by focusing on the biblical writings of Paul.

ISBN10 : 0805448578 , ISBN13 : 9780805448573

Page Number : 183