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False Flag

A fiendish plot against the US government A fascinating and original Israeli heroine and antiheroine at odds as the clock ticks down In False Flag, Israeli-born Dalia Artzi, a tactical genius and spec

ISBN10 : 1504758560 , ISBN13 : 9781504758567

Page Number : 320

False Flag 911

From the left seat of a Boeing 767, American airline captain Philip Marshall exposes gaping holes in the official story of 911 which reveals the creators of the frightening, often-cited Post-911 World

ISBN10 : 9781439202647 , ISBN13 : 1439202648

Page Number : 152

False Flag

A 'false flag' is the most complex and dangerous of intelligence operations: the recruitment of an agent who believes he is working for an entirely different country. Fluent in German, having lived in

ISBN10 : 9780953615117 , ISBN13 : 0953615111

Page Number : 225

False Flag

Ben Ingram, a CIA officer on R and R leave in Paris, who joined the CIA out of pure patriotism at about the start of the Cold War, is now beginning to think of his painting hobby as a career, but so f

ISBN10 : 1491835028 , ISBN13 : 9781491835029

Page Number : 420

The False Flag

Three hackers escape a prison, and uncover a conspiracy to justify a millitary coup. In this madness they challenge their government, and ultimately the world. Lance, the man known as I, Bob an idiot

ISBN10 : 0244619581 , ISBN13 : 9780244619589

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Under A False Flag

October, 1972. Will Porter joins the CIA's secret war against Chile's Marxist president, Salvador Allende. Working under cover, Will's job is to manage the dirty money going to fund the opposition and

ISBN10 : 0985480424 , ISBN13 : 9780985480424

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False Flags

"Howe packs a surprising amount of action and character into the novella's 151 pages, and musings on the importance of personal and professional loyalty (as opposed to arbitrary, dogmatic nationalism)

ISBN10 : 0741433532 , ISBN13 : 9780741433534

Page Number : 140

False Flag

False Flag is a complex story of politics and power, yet it’s also the story of the remarkable people of Bridgeview, the ‘sixteenth’ town on Cape Cod. How the people of Bridgeview react to a tre

ISBN10 : 1491812230 , ISBN13 : 9781491812235

Page Number : 612

False Flag

Frank Bowen decides to change his life and travel to Goa where he meets the seemingly friendly Theo and the woman of his dreams, Maria. In Bangkok, he is pointed in the direction of Theo's friend - Ri

ISBN10 : 1631877518 , ISBN13 : 9781631877513

Page Number : 183

Under False Flags

Forced into the brutal Battle of the Bulge of 1944, two soldiers on opposing sides find the courage to desert a war gone sour. For both American GI Wendell Lett and German seaman Holger Frings, the re

ISBN10 : 1631580361 , ISBN13 : 9781631580369

Page Number : 240