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Garfield Gets In A Pickle

TROUBLE ON THE LOOSE! Garfield, the furry desperado, is at large again in this most-wanted new collection of comics. Whether he’s getting in a pickle or a jam, when it comes to trouble, the fat cat

ISBN10 : 0345537548 , ISBN13 : 9780345537546

Page Number : 96

Garfield Goes Bananas

Stark Raving Bonkers! GARFIELD is never normal, but sometimes the fat cat is more than a few sandwiches shy of a picnic—he’s downright daffy! Lunacy loves company, so join the crazy caravan of fun

ISBN10 : 0345537688 , ISBN13 : 9780345537683

Page Number : 96

The Bedside Ark

This riotous assembly of unrespectable creatures comprises 42 short accounts of southern Africa’s vibrant collection of wild animals. From the one-of-its-kind aardvark to the wilfully ignorant ostri

ISBN10 : 1775844625 , ISBN13 : 9781775844624

Page Number : 160

Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack 18

THREE BOOKS IN ONE MEANS THREE TIMES THE FUN! It's a triple portion of big fat hairy fun! The fat is in the fire when Garfield is on the scene. Cooking up trouble--and laughs--is the specialty of the

ISBN10 : 9780399594403 , ISBN13 : 039959440X

Page Number : 288

Garfield Cooks Up Trouble

A recipe for laughter! The famous foodie is back with a banquet of all-new strips to satisfy your comic cravings. Whether he’s toasting a whole loaf of bread because Jon’s butter expires at midnig

ISBN10 : 0425285634 , ISBN13 : 9780425285633

Page Number : 96

Garfield Chickens Out

Free-Range Fun Meister! Garfield’s always hatching a new plan to prank his poor owner. Whether he’s garnishing Jon’s soup with cat hair, putting a goldfish in his shoe (it was Jon’s birthday!)

ISBN10 : 0425285502 , ISBN13 : 9780425285503

Page Number : 96