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Garfield Goes Bananas

Stark Raving Bonkers! GARFIELD is never normal, but sometimes the fat cat is more than a few sandwiches shy of a picnic—he’s downright daffy! Lunacy loves company, so join the crazy caravan of fun

ISBN10 : 0345537688 , ISBN13 : 9780345537683

Page Number : 96

The Bedside Ark

This riotous assembly of unrespectable creatures comprises 42 short accounts of southern Africa’s vibrant collection of wild animals. From the one-of-its-kind aardvark to the wilfully ignorant ostri

ISBN10 : 1775844625 , ISBN13 : 9781775844624

Page Number : 160

At War With Metaphor

When photographs documenting the torture and humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib came to the attention of a horrified public, national and international voices were raised in shock, asking how this

ISBN10 : 9780739130315 , ISBN13 : 0739130315

Page Number : 266

I Regret Nothing

Describes the author's haphazard attempts to make and fulfill a bucket list involving humiliating experiments with tattoo removal, eating pasta in Rome, and navigating a menagerie of rescued pets.

ISBN10 : 0451471075 , ISBN13 : 9780451471079

Page Number : 320

Garfield Minus Garfield

It’s Garfield–as you’ve never seen him! Come savor the existential adventures of Jon Arbuckle in Garfield Minus Garfield. Based on the phenomenon ignited by Dan Walsh’s hilarious and wildly po

ISBN10 : 0345544625 , ISBN13 : 9780345544629

Page Number : 128

The Robber Barons

Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Harriman, Gould, Frick ... this is the story of the giant American capitalists who seized economic power after the Civil War and altered the shape of America

ISBN10 : 0547544367 , ISBN13 : 9780547544366

Page Number : 492