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How To Read A Dress

Fashion is ever-changing, and while some styles mark a dramatic departure from the past, many exhibit subtle differences from year to year that are not always easily identifiable. With overviews of ea

ISBN10 : 1474286259 , ISBN13 : 9781474286251

Page Number : 216

The Dress Detective

The Dress Detective is the first practical guide to analyzing fashion objects, clearly demonstrating how their close analysis can enhance and enrich interdisciplinary research. This accessible book pr

ISBN10 : 1472580532 , ISBN13 : 9781472580535

Page Number : 224

Stitches In Time

Riffling through the wardrobes of years gone by, costume historian Lucy Adlington reveals the rich stories underlying the clothes we wear in this stylish tour of the most important developments in the

ISBN10 : 1473505097 , ISBN13 : 9781473505094

Page Number : 464

Fashion Victims

From insidious murder weapons to blaze-igniting crinolines, clothing has been the cause of death, disease and madness throughout history, by accident and design. Clothing is designed to protect, shiel

ISBN10 : 1472577744 , ISBN13 : 9781472577740

Page Number : 256

Why Fashion Matters

An illuminating introduction to the expanding influence of fashion from the perspectives of design, technology, sustainability, and business Fashion matters for the economy, to society, and to each of

ISBN10 : 0500772096 , ISBN13 : 9780500772096

Page Number : 128

Fashion Plates

Fashion designers will delight to see the evolution of silhouettes and the myriad of inspirational details, which reveal themselves with the turn of each page."" From the foreword by Anna Sui"

ISBN10 : 0300212267 , ISBN13 : 9780300212266

Page Number : 440

Dressed For War

Men in khaki and grey squatting in the trenches, women at work, gender bending in goggles, with overalls on over their trousers. What people wear matters. Well illustrated, this book tells the stories

ISBN10 : 085773511X , ISBN13 : 9780857735119

Page Number : 240