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The Insanity Of God

Presents stories of persecuted Christians whose faith in Christ was not diminished by adverse circumstances, and the lessons that the author took from those stories and applied to his own beliefs abou

ISBN10 : 1433673088 , ISBN13 : 9781433673085

Page Number : 322

The Insanity Of God

The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be a

ISBN10 : 1433678640 , ISBN13 : 9781433678646

Page Number : 384

The Insanity Of Obedience

Wise Sheep Among the Wolves All Christian disciples have one thing in common: as they carry the gospel across the ocean and across the street, persecution will become the norm for those who choose to

ISBN10 : 143368229X , ISBN13 : 9781433682292

Page Number : 352


"Have you seen such men--peculiar, raving, foam-mouthed, and straitjacketed--throwing themselves mercilessly at white padded walls . . . ? Such men are said to be insane. But there is more to insanity

ISBN10 : 1625642296 , ISBN13 : 9781625642295

Page Number : 172

Dreams And Visions

Jesusappears to be revealing Himself to Muslims through powerful dreams and visionsthroughout the Islamic world today, and the results are dramatic. Eleven years ago, Pastor Tom Doyle felt God calling

ISBN10 : 0849947200 , ISBN13 : 9780849947209

Page Number : 272

The God Delusion

A preeminent scientist -- and the world's most prominent atheist -- asserts the irrationality of belief in God and the grievous harm religion has inflicted on society, from the Crusades to 9/11. With

ISBN10 : 9780547348667 , ISBN13 : 0547348665

Page Number : 416

Which None Can Shut

Imagine a place where becoming a Christian is a punishable crime—and your own family exacts the punishment. Where those who spread the gospel among locals are deported if discovered. Where converts

ISBN10 : 9781414346922 , ISBN13 : 1414346921

Page Number : 192

Son Of The Underground

In the months before Isaac's birth, Brother Yun was in prison. His mother was about to be forced into having an abortion, though seven months pregnant, because she was carrying the child of an enemy o

ISBN10 : 0857211994 , ISBN13 : 9780857211996

Page Number : 141