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The history we can’t afford to forget At last, the definitive history of supply-side economics—an incredibly timely work that reveals the foundations of America’s prosperity when those very foun

ISBN10 : 1497636299 , ISBN13 : 9781497636293

Page Number : 368

Kennedy And Reagan

It's been fifty years since JFK’s assassination and nearly twenty since Ronald Reagan disappeared from public life. While they never ran head-to-head, they developed their legacies in competing ways

ISBN10 : 1493001884 , ISBN13 : 9781493001880

Page Number : 400

Who Needs The Fed?

The Federal Reserve is one of the most disliked entities in the United States at present, right alongside the IRS. Americans despise the Fed, but they’re also generally a bit confused as to why they

ISBN10 : 1594038325 , ISBN13 : 9781594038327

Page Number : 224

Return To Prosperity

"WE CAN'T TAX AND SPEND OUR WAY BACK TO THE GOOD TIMES." -- Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore When Arthur B. Laffer spearheaded the theory of supply-side economics and became a member of President Re

ISBN10 : 9781439169384 , ISBN13 : 1439169381

Page Number : 336

Fueling Freedom

Fossil fuel energy is the lifeblood of the modern world. Before the Industrial Revolution, humanity depended on solar energy captured in living plants. But with the ability to harness the energy in co

ISBN10 : 1621574385 , ISBN13 : 9781621574385

Page Number : 256


This is the story of one of the most important American newspapermen of the twentieth century. Roy Howard rose to prominence at the height of newspapers’ power and became a leader in the evolution o

ISBN10 : 1493017543 , ISBN13 : 9781493017546

Page Number : 320