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Shining Hope

Tom Stanton is content in his usual role teleporting others on Team Guardian missions, but while the official Team Coordinator is away honeymooning, Tom takes on the authority and responsibilities of

ISBN10 : 1508062854 , ISBN13 : 9781508062851

Page Number : 124

Granted Wishes

Sometimes True Love needs a little help. That’s where the Fairy Godmothers’ Union, True Love Local steps in. This collection includes all the Fairy Godmothers’ Union tales to date: ‘In Every D

ISBN10 : 1508062501 , ISBN13 : 9781508062509

Page Number : 246

Team Guardian

This collection includes the three Team Guardian adventures: Sweet Mercy, Safe Haven and Shining Hope. When a probability bomb exploded in the heartland of the US, thousands died. Others were gifted w

ISBN10 : 1508064903 , ISBN13 : 9781508064909

Page Number : 373


Amelia Swenson’s plans for the weekend didn’t include a sexy djinni or saving the world from demons, but plans change. Her whole life changes when Amelia discovers the ring to which the handsome d

ISBN10 : 1508056560 , ISBN13 : 9781508056560

Page Number : 387

Safe Haven

Rachel Connolly, the heroine of Sweet Mercy has a brother, David Connolly, Coordinator of Team Guardian, an organization of people gifted with special abilities - or Talents - created as an after-effe

ISBN10 : 1508062641 , ISBN13 : 9781508062646

Page Number : 133


When Helen, a widow, decides it’s time to move on with her life, she sends a letter of farewell to her late husband’s email account - and gets a reply. Helen Windom was widowed when her husband Je

ISBN10 : 1537826042 , ISBN13 : 9781537826042

Page Number : 331

A Path Appears

From the authors of the #1 New York Times best-selling Half the Sky, a unique and essential narrative about making a difference in the world--a road-map to becoming a conscientious global citizen. The

ISBN10 : 0345805100 , ISBN13 : 9780345805102

Page Number : 400

He Only Wants Me

What if your greatest enemy becomes your greatest lover? Kitty Montgomery is a successful attorney and a southern belle, but she never picks the right man. She has everything she wants in life except

ISBN10 : 1537873946 , ISBN13 : 9781537873947

Page Number : 47