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The Coming Famine

Lays out a picture of impending planetary crisis - a global food shortage that threatens to hit by mid-century - that would dwarf any in our previous experience. This book describes a dangerous conflu

ISBN10 : 0520271238 , ISBN13 : 9780520271234

Page Number : 264

Poisoned Planet

The author of the acclaimed The Coming Famine sounds a wake up call: we cannot rely on governments or industry to clean up the toxic manmade chemicals we've surrounded ourselves with, it's up to us to

ISBN10 : 1760110469 , ISBN13 : 9781760110468

Page Number : 288

Photosystem Ii

The most mysterious part of photosynthesis yet the most important for all aerobic life on Earth (including ourselves) is how green plants, algae and cyanobacteria make atmospheric oxygen from water. T

ISBN10 : 140204254X , ISBN13 : 9781402042546

Page Number : 786

The Fifth Beginning

“I have seen yesterday. I know tomorrow.” This inscription in Tutankhamun’s tomb summarizes The Fifth Beginning. Here, archaeologist Robert L. Kelly explains how the study of our cultural past c

ISBN10 : 0520293126 , ISBN13 : 9780520293120

Page Number : 168

Invasive Species

With climate change and increasing globalisation of trade and travel, the risks presented by invasive pests and pathogens to natural environments, agriculture and economies have never been greater, an

ISBN10 : 052176596X , ISBN13 : 9780521765961

Page Number : 450