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The Seventh Sense

Flashes of insight -- the "Eureka!" moments that produce new and useful ideas in a single thought -- are behind some of the world's most creative and practical innovations. This book shows how to cult

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The Seventh Sense

For the past thirty years, the United States government has secretly trained a select corps of military personnel in the art of "remote viewing" -- the psychic ability to perceive the thoughts and exp

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The Seventh Sense

The Seventh Sense is the definitive study of the aesthetic theory of the great eighteenth-century philosopher Francis Hutcheson, arguably the founder of the modern discipline of aesthetics, and one of

ISBN10 : 0199260028 , ISBN13 : 9780199260027

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The Seventh Sense

The Seventh Sense is an exciting look at the future where man has the ability to read the mind of others. It is the story of Brad Evans and his struggle to come to grips with what psychologists descri

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Your Seventh Sense

Want to be the last comic standing? You can! For years Jay Arthur, has been studying and reverse engineering how comedians think. With his co-author Karyn Ruth White, a standup comedian and profession

ISBN10 : 1884180272 , ISBN13 : 9781884180279

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