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At The Chef S Table

This book is about the creative work of chefs at top restaurants in New York and San Francisco. Based on interviews with chefs and observation in restaurant kitchens, the book explores the question of

ISBN10 : 0804795495 , ISBN13 : 9780804795494

Page Number : 272


Hello! And Every Little Thing that Matters will transform the way businesses interact with customers – delivering a big impact with small ideas. Impactful ideas for businesses on how to treat their

ISBN10 : 1137489715 , ISBN13 : 9781137489715

Page Number : 203


In the tradition of A Whole New Mind and The War of Art, graffiti artist and corporate thought leader, Erik Wahl explores the power of creativity to achieve superior performance. Somehow we’ve come

ISBN10 : 0770434029 , ISBN13 : 9780770434021

Page Number : 224

Mark Of Evil

Economies have collapsed, freedom has been suppressed, and peace is a distant memory. The world is falling apart. Joshua Jordan’s protégé Ethan March, along with Jimmy Louder and Rivka Reuban, hav

ISBN10 : 0310334527 , ISBN13 : 9780310334521

Page Number : 416

Centered Leadership

What enables some talented people to rise to the top and live their full ambitions at work and in life, while others stop short? In 2007, Joanna Barsh led a team at McKinsey & Company to answer that v

ISBN10 : 0804138885 , ISBN13 : 9780804138888

Page Number : 336

The Airbnb Story

This is the remarkable behind-the-scenes story of the creation and growth of Airbnb, the online lodging platform that has become, in under a decade, the largest provider of accommodations in the world

ISBN10 : 0544953878 , ISBN13 : 9780544953871

Page Number : 256