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Parting Shot

Its time that people on the street have more access to truth about things that directly affect them. Some of you may think that this is a novel, to be burnt after reading. I strongly differ with you o

ISBN10 : 1469137801 , ISBN13 : 9781469137803

Page Number : 209

Yes You Can

“YES YOU CAN—Finish High School and go to College” is a book about possibility. At its best it seeks to motivate, inspire and empower young people to achieve their goal of going to college. This

ISBN10 : 1462837298 , ISBN13 : 9781462837298

Page Number : 95


There is a lot of talk in the United States today about energy independence, specifically the desire for America to get out of the Middle East and to stop relying on its oil. But it takes courage. In

ISBN10 : 1491733357 , ISBN13 : 9781491733356

Page Number : 400